Cougar Town

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Cougar Town


Cougartown is the single-camera comedy that dares to tell the truth about dating after divorce. Juggling a teenage son with her thriving career and budding love life isn't easy, but before you know it, Jules will have you cheering, "Go Cougars!"


  • 1

    American Dream Plan B


    Jules vows to not drink wine during Laurie's pregnancy but can't get anybody to join in. Travis regrets seeking parenting advice from Grayson.

  • 2

    Full Grown Boy


    Jules worries about Chick going to his Civil War reenactment. Bobby's new job takes him out of the state. Travis and Laurie argue over names for their baby.

  • 3

    To Find a Friend


    While Grayson helps Andy audition a replacement best friend, Jules and Ellie run the bar. Travis and Laurie spend their first weekend alone with their new baby.

  • 4

    Waiting for Tonight


    Andy rents a costume for Stan's birthday party. Jules and Grayson are determined to keep a restaurant reservation, and Ellie tweets on behalf of Laurie.

  • 5

    Even the Losers


    Travis takes the money Jules loans him and starts a new business. When Andy is unseated as mayor, Ellie helps him get payback. Grayson becomes a music teacher at Stan's school.

  • 6

    The Wrong Thing to Do


    Jules agrees to coach Andy through his interviews; Ellie goes to Bobby's boat to escape Andy.

  • 7

    The Wild One, Forever


    A hurricane floods a local high school gym; Jules volunteers Gray's Pub as a venue for their prom.

  • 8

    This One's For Me


    Jules finds a bag of peculiar items Grayson has been hiding; Travis uses a baby gift for himself.

  • 9

    Two Men Talking


    Jules tries to set her father up with Grayson as a best friend; a cool mom group.

  • 10

    Yer So Bad


    Jules' dinner guests aren't exactly who she expected; staking out a cupcake thief; Tom's patient.

  • 11

    Climb That Hill


    Jules tries to read a book for the first time; Grayson tries to remember what his friends say.

  • 12

    A Two Story Town


    Everyone pitches in to help Tom with his new crush with disastrous results.

  • 13

    Mary Jane's Last Dance


    Grayson tries to prevent Jules from running her birthday; everyone experiences major life changes.