False Flag



Season 1


The series revolves around five ordinary Israeli citizens who discover one morning via the media that they are the principal suspects of a high-profile kidnapping and are implicated as culprits in the kidnapping. They are involved in a brutal kidnapping of the Iranian minister of defense, Farhead Sulimani, during his visit to Moscow on 15 April 2015, having arrived in the country earlier that day from London under an alias and using one of several passports. According to Federal Security Service, Sulimani was drugged. Widespread speculation, which Russian police allegations support, is that he was killed by Israeli Mossad assassins.


Season 1
  • 1

    Episode 1


    The Iranian Defense Minister is abducted in Moscow in a covert operation that is attributed to the Israeli Mossad. Five Israeli civilians wake in the morning and discover that their passports have been used by the abductors.

  • 2

    Episode 2


    The four suspects - Ben Refael, Anna Lipman, Natali Alfasia and Asia Brindech - are being investigated by the Shin Bet, in order to determine their involvement in the abduction of the Iranian minister. The fifth suspect, Shawn Tilson, tries to avoid capture

  • 3

    Episode 3


    The four detainees are being released home but remain under surveillance, all while the Shin Bet don't believe them and the people close to them start to get suspicious. What are they hiding?

  • 4

    Episode 4


    Natali is arrested once again. She cooperates with Eitan, the Shin Bet team leader and tells him everything. Asia discovers the truth about her connection to the case.

  • 5

    Episode 5


    With the noose tightening around their necks, the suspects make a critical decision that will change everything.

  • 6

    Episode 6


    Benny and her mother try to evade the Shin Bet in order not to be extradited to Russia, aided by Yuval, Natalie's fiancé.

  • 7

    Episode 7


    The tension between the group members, who hide in a hut in the desert, reaches a climax. Eitan returns to Israel and manages to crack the thread connecting the suspicious characters. Who really is connected to Sulaimani's kidnapping?

  • 8

    Episode 8


    The group members confront Sean, who realizes that he has been exposed. Eitan arrives at the Mossad chief, Sayag, and reveals who is responsible for the abduction. The mystery is solved - how will it end?