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Monday 23:30

Homer Terrorist

Episode 1 - Season 25

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The satiric adventures of a working-class family in the misfit city of Springfield.



  • 1

    Bart of Darkness


    After a day in Otto's pool mobile, Bart and Lisa convince Homer to buy a pool for the family. Soon, everyone in town flocks to The Simpsons' backyard to swim.

  • 2

    Lisa's Rival


    Golden child Lisa Simpson finds she's starting to tarnish just a little when a new girl, Allison Taylor, moves to Springfield. Allison is smart, pretty, a great saxophone player and a crack diorama builder.

  • 3

    Another Simpsons Clip Show


    After reading The Bridges of Madison County, Marge decides that she and Homer need to teach the kids about romance, but everyone's stories (past clips) of how they fell in love ends in disaster.

  • 4

    Itchy & Scratchy Land


    After weeks of begging, Bart and Lisa finally convince their parents to take them to Itchy & Scratchy Land, a new high-tech amusement park on a remote island.

  • 5

    Sideshow Bob Roberts


    At the request of right-wing radio personality Birch T. Barlow, Sideshow Bob is once again released from prison...and sets his sights on running against Mayor Quimby in the upcoming election.

  • 6

    Treehouse of Horror V


    In this year's gruesomely ghoulish Halloween gift package, Homer goes insane while house-sitting in a winter home and travels through time and alters reality while fixing the toaster.

  • 7

    Bart's Girlfriend


    Bart falls in love with Reverend Lovejoy's daughter, Jessica. In an effort to impress her, Bart pretends to be polite and mannered, but he soon learns that what Jessica really likes about him is that he's a bad, bad boy.

  • 8

    Lisa on Ice


    Springfield Elementary hands out Academic Alerts to students who are in danger of failing--and Lisa becomes a student in danger of failing when she gets an Academic Alert for gym class.

  • 9

    Homer Badman


    Retrieving a piece of candy stuck to a college coed's pants brands Homer public enemy number one when the coed accuses Homer of touching her butt and the media makes Homer out to be a pervert.

  • 10

    Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy


    When Homer and Marge's sex life fizzles out, Grandpa whips up a liquid aphrodisiac that he once tried to make as a cheap substitute for holy water.

  • 11

    Fear of Flying


    After being banned from Moe's for playing a lame practical joke, Homer goes to a pilots' bar. There, he is mistaken as a real pilot and destroys a plane.

  • 12

    Homer the Great


    Homer joins a secret society called The Stonecutters, and becomes their leader after the members find a birthmark on him that symbolizes him as The Chosen One.

  • 13

    And Maggie Makes Three


    While trying to have a family night without watching TV, Bart notices that there are no photos of Maggie, prompting Homer to tell the story of how Homer quit his job at the nuclear plant to work at Barney's Bowl-A-Rama...and how Marge's unexpected pregnancy sent Homer back to the plant to provide for his youngest daughter.

  • 14

    Bart's Comet


    As punishment for releasing a balloon caricature of Principal Skinner, Bart assists the principal in his early-morning astronomy--and discovers a comet that's on a collision course for Springfield.

  • 15

    Homie the Clown


    Homer goes to clown college and after graduating, he finds that being mistaken for Krusty has its benefits--and troubles when the Mafia kidnaps Homer (as Krusty) for not paying his debts.

  • 16

    Bart vs. Australia


    After a prank phone call to Australia goes awry, Bart and his entire family must fly out to the land down under so Bart can apologize to the court, but the family ends up on the run when Bart discovers that those who break the law in Australia get kicked in the butt by a giant boot.

  • 17

    Homer vs. Patty and Selma


    Homer is blackmailed into borrowing money from Patti and Selma to pay off his mortgage. Meanwhile, Bart takes ballet class, but is afraid that the bullies will think he's a sissy.

  • 18

    A Star is Burns


    In this crossover episode, Springfield holds a film festival to boost their popularity, and Marge brings in The Critic's own Jay Sherman to be one of the judges.

  • 19

    Lisa's Wedding


    At a Renaissance Fair, Lisa meets a Gypsy fortuneteller who shows Lisa's life in the year 2010, where Lisa is a college student who almost marries a British man who loves her, but not her family.

  • 20

    Two Dozen and One Greyhounds


    Santa's Little Helper begins acting wild and destructive. When he runs away to the same dog track Homer and Bart found him, Santa's Little Helper mates with a female race dog called "She's the Fastest"--and The Simpsons become the proud owners of 25 greyhound puppies.

  • 21

    The PTA Disbands


    After a disastrous field trip, Mrs. Krabappel argues with Principal Skinner over providing the school with more money. When Skinner refuses, Mrs. Krabappel calls for a teachers' strike. The kids enjoy their time off (except for Lisa, who goes insane over not being in a classroom setting), but the fun comes to an end when the schoolboard hires people from the neighborhood to be non-union substitutes until the strike ends.

  • 22

    Round Springfield


    Lisa is reunited with her idol, Bleeding Gums Murphy, but their time together is short lived when the jazz legend passes away. Meanwhile, Bart sues Krusty the Clown for physical harm after Bart gets appendicitis from eating a jagged metal "O" in Krusty's cereal.

  • 23

    The Springfield Connection


    After placing a citizen's arrest on Snake (who defrauded Homer of $20 in a three-card monte game), Marge decides to join the police academy.

  • 24

    Lemon of Troy


    The children of Springfield wage war on Shelbyville after their beloved lemon tree is stolen from them by the kids from Shelbyville.

  • 25

    Who Shot Mr. Burns? (1)


    Part one of two. Springfield Elementary School strikes oil, but Mr. Burns steals it and at the same time brings misery to many of Springfield's citizens, one of which shoots him after a town meeting.