The Simpsons


Tuesday 23.05

Homer Terrorist

Episode 1 - Season 25

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    Much Apu About Something (E12 - S27)

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The satiric adventures of a working-class family in the misfit city of Springfield.



  • 1

    City Of New York Vs. Homer Simpson, The


    Homer must travel to New York to get his car back, which is illegally parked at World Trade Center Plaza.

  • 2

    Principal And The Pauper, The


    Homer must travel to New York to get his car back, which is illegally parked at World Trade Center Plaza.

  • 3

    Lisa's Sax


    Homer recounts the story of Bart's first day of school, which corresponds with the story of how Lisa got her saxophone.

  • 4

    Treehouse Of Horror Viii


    In The Homega Man, Homer battles mutants after Springfield is annihilated by a neutron bomb. Then, Bart has his DNA mixed with a fly in Fly vs. Fly. Finally, Marge is revealed to be a witch in colonial Springfield in Easy Bake Coven.

  • 5

    Cartridge Family, The


    After a massive soccer riot, Homer decides to invest in a home security system but can't afford the high price. He does the next best thing: He purchases a gun. This is despite Marge's stern opposition to having a gun. Homer plays with the gun like a toy and almost causes an accident at the dinner table. Marge warns Homer to get rid of the gun now; Homer agrees, but Bart finds the gun later in the refrigerator. Marge sees this, takes the gun away and tells Homer she is taking the kids and moving out. Homer eventually is kicked out of the local NRA chapter (for his careless use of the gun), and decides he needs to try to get Marge back. Eventually,...

  • 6

    Bart Star


    A pee-wee football team forms as a solution to Springfield's growing childhood obesity crisis. When Homer takes over as coach after causing Flanders to quit, he tries to make Bart the star of the team despite his poor performance on the field.

  • 7

    Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons, The


    Marge must pose as Apu's wife to prevent his upcoming arranged marriage.

  • 8

    Lisa The Skeptic


    Another day at Springfield Elementary School, another field trip - this time to an archaeological dig. During the dig, Lisa unearths what appears to be a fossilized human skeleton with wings.

  • 9

    Reality Bites


    Marge becomes a real-estate agent.

  • 10

    Miracle On Evergreen Terrace


    On Christmas Eve, Marge admonishes the family not to open presents until 7 a.m. the next morning. Bart finds a way around the directive and opens his gifts at 5 a.m. However, his prized gift - a remote-controlled fire truck - overheats and causes a fire that engulfs the tree and presents. The family investigates and Bart tells them that a burglar has struck. As a result of Kent Brockman's human interest story, the entire town donates gifts and cash to the Simpsons for their misfortune. Eventually, Bart admits the truth, angering his clueless family but angering the town even more (when Brockman finds out the truth). The family is made into outcasts,...

  • 11

    All Singing, All Dancing


    Homer is disappointed when the western he rented turns out to be a musical, so the family reminds him of the musical moments in the show's history.

  • 12

    Bart Carny


    Bart and Homer befriend two carnies and invite them to stay with them, but the carnies soon swindle the Simpsons out of their house.