Ex Isle

Ex Isle


Ex Isle is a groundbreaking new series, where five on-again; off-again couples endure intensive therapy in order to break free of their toxic relationships forever. Secluded on a remote island, the couples are joined by show host Carmen Electra and guided on a multi-step process for getting over their ex, led by relationship therapist Dr. Ish Major. In an unexpected twist, the arrival of 10 eligible singles gives the exes a fresh chance at love, and others a dose of heartache.


Season 1
  • 1

    Welcome To Ex Isle!


    Five former couples travel to a remote island to break free of their toxic relationships forever. The first night, jealousy pushes one of the exes to snap. In therapy, their darkest secrets are revealed.

  • 2

    Shock Therapy


    A surprise wedding tests the exes to see if they are truly over their ex. With inner fears exposed, tension rises and Nicole blows up at Freddie.

  • 3

    Burn Baby Burn


    The exes set their past ablaze, setting off a firestorm of emotion. Two exes face off in a jaw-dropping altercation. Antonio loses it in jealous rage.

  • 4

    Cutting The Cord


    Two of the exes have a blowout fight. Tension builds in an exercise where the exes are physically tied together. The shocking arrival of 10 new singles gives the exes a fresh shot at love.

  • 5

    Taking The Plunge


    Sexy new singles shake things up on the island, when the exes go on blind dates. A new hookup leaves Brittney feeling burned. Sean battles Dr. Ish.

  • 6

    Wearing Your Heart On You


    In a gut-wrenching therapy session, John storms off in hysterics after revealing his past. One ex couple decides to rekindle their relationship. A jealous Brittney spies her ex while he’s with another woman.

  • 7



    The singles choose which exes to take on a romantic date. Nicole breaks down after her date bashes her. Antonio’s jealous ways strike again. The exes party at a club, causing old flames to reignite.

  • 8

    Over It, Not Over It.


    Brittney and Lucas decide to keep their hookup a secret. A body language expert exposes who’s really over their ex. Lucas pursues Margot, infuriating Roxy. Samantha and Sean’s relationship implodes.

  • 9

    Facing The Truth


    In final therapy, John's ex-wife sends him into a rampage. Lucas confesses his feelings for two different women. When Samantha’s secret is revealed, a blindsided Sean starts packing his bags.

  • 10

    The Final Split


    Anxiety builds as the exes go on a final date with a shocking twist. Lucas connects with Roxy, but ends up in another woman’s bed. The exes make a heart-wrenching decision about who they’ll leave Ex Isle with.