Private Practice

Private Practice


The season 4th begins with the aftermath of Dell's death, including his funeral and what happens to his daughter Betsy. Violet and Pete get married in the season premiere and finally begin a new life with their son Lucas. Addison and Sam reveal their romance to the staff of Oceanside Wellness, which causes Naomi to leave town to learn to accept their new relationship. Cooper and Charlotte's relationship continues to get stronger as they get engaged. Charlotte is raped and badly beaten by one of the patients at her hospital and decides to only tell Addison and make her keep it a secret.


  • 1

    God Laughs


    The doctors band together to save Pete's life after he suffers a heart attach, and Addison's mystery man reapperas in a most surprising way.

  • 2

    Breaking the Rules


    When the oceanside doctors interview candidates for Naomi's position, Addison's team can't understand her hesitation to hire Jake Reilly.