WAGS takes viewers inside the exclusive and glamorous world occupied by the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes.


Season 1
  • 1

    The WAG Life


    Barbie attempts to set Olivia up with a hockey player. Nicole feels insecure during a trip to Las Vegas with Larry. Ashley attempts to set a wedding date with Dashon.

  • 2

    Set A Date Or Die


    Dashon finally sets a wedding date, so Ashley begins the planning process, but then is told that the wedding date is back on hold. Nicole has a pregnancy scare. Natalie and Olivia have a photo shoot for Treats! Magazine. Barbie invites all of the women to a Ducks game, but drama ensues when Natalie and Olivia act inappropriately.

  • 3

    Is It Another Girl?


    Ashley throws a birthday party for her daughter. Olivia reaches one million followers and throws a party to celebrate. Sasha has a party to reveal the gender of her baby. Nicole surprises Larry in Tampa Bay and contemplates moving there to be with him during the season.

  • 4

    Never Have I Ever?


    Natalie and Olivia start a YouTube channel together, but find that one of them puts in more work than the other. Barbie struggles with her identity and decides to meet with an agent to figure out her next career move. Autumn finds out that Seyi has been traded from the San Diego Chargers to the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • 5

    Mexican Standoff


    A trip to Mexico for Natalie’s birthday allows the WAGs to let loose, but Autumn second guesses joining them when her guilt of leaving her kids and Shaun’s outrageous behavior make her wish she stayed behind.

  • 6

    For Love Or Money


    Natalie is faced with choosing between her career and her relationship with Shaun.

  • 7

    I Kissed A Girl


    While celebrating Barbie's Bachelorette in Miami, Nicole and Barbie are put at odds over a trip to the male strip club. Natalie causes a rift with Shaun when she forgets to mention the trip. Ashley finds out Dashon has been traded to the Redskins and travels to DC to find a new house. Olivia has a date with an athlete that doesn't go as planned.

  • 8

    Fake Relationship


    Natalie gets cold feet about taking her relationship with Shaun to the next level. Sasha has to put her life on hold when there are complications with her pregnancy. Olivia's single status finally takes a promising turn while Autumn accuses Natalie of being in a fake relationship.