You're Mine

You're Mine


Yenilmezler who is one of the wealthiest families of Bursa and heir of the family Ejder (Gokhan Keser) meets a successful pianist Nagme ( Ruveyda Oksuz ) who is raised by a disciplined mother, after that the story becomes a chaos.


Season 1
  • 1

    You're Mine Eps 1


    Yenilmezler family's younger son Ejder finishes school and his military duty and comes back to family home in Bursa. On the first night he accidentally meets with Nagme; a talented pianist who came to Bursa for a concert. When two youngsters open their eyes in hospital fell in love like crazy. They throw away the future that their family had prepared for them and elope to get married.

  • 2

    You're Mine Eps 2


    Nagme goes into a world she doesn't know and while expecting a happy home, she becomes the unwanted bride. Like that's not enough some facts about Ejder's past are obstacles for this love. Despite her love Nagme decides that she won't be happy in this house and leaves Ejder. But it's not that easy to leave and she has to come back to this house to save someone else's life.

  • 3

    You're Mine Eps 3


    Elvan's presence has separated Ejder and Nagme. Nagme realizes that she made a big mistake by saving Elvan and bringing her home. Bereket treats Elvan like her bride for Nagme to leave the house. Elvan cooperates with Breker and tells lies to Nagme.

  • 4

    You're Mine Eps 4


    Everybody tries to separate Nagme and Ejder but love wins. They realize they can't stay without each other. Evder wants to have a wedding to show everyone that he's married. But a truth that Ejder doesn't know is about to ruin everything.

  • 5

    You're Mine Eps 5


    Ejder and Nağme start a new life after the wedding. They're both very happy. The only thing messes up their happiness is Elvan's presence.

  • 6

    You're Mine Eps 6


    Nagme doesn't want to live in the same house with Elvan. Ejder wants to send Elvan to Istanbul, to a safe place where no one can find her. But Elvan's brother Besir has a plan that can hurt everyone.

  • 7

    You're Mine Eps 7


    The plan that will hurt The Yenilmezler family will bring Elvan to the brink of an important decision and test her love for Ejder once again. It won't be that easy for them to get rid of Elvan.

  • 8

    You're Mine Eps 8


    Nagme lets Ejder to have a religious marriage ceremony with Elvan. The marriage will be done and Besir's name will be cleaned and Defne whom Besir keeps hostage will be released. But will Nagme be able to stand to this?

  • 9

    You're Mine Eps 9


    Even the marriage is good only in words can she be happy in that farm again? Elvan has done what she said and became the wife of Ejder. She is so happy. After the marriage Ejder gets worried when he can't find Nagme in the farm. Has Nagme left? He has to find and stop hear before she does something crazy.

  • 10

    You're Mine Eps 10


    Besir has let Defne go, she comes to the farm in a bad shape. But Simal is determined to make Besir pay for what he has done to her family. Ejder and Nagme try to hold on to each other and their love in spite of all these problems but things won't go as they want.

  • 11

    You're Mine Eps 11


    Simal has declared bankruptcy and the people in the farm has started to think about what to do. Nagme and Ejder, who have come to the farm to tell them that they're going to Istanbul, don't know what to do. Can Ejder leave his family like this? And what about Nagme? How can she be able to stand to spend one more day in Yenilmezler Farm?

  • 12

    You're Mine Eps 12


    Once again Nagme chooses to stay with Ejder and stays in Bursa. But this has a price, she asks something of Ejder. This time it's gonna be Ejder who has to choose between his love and his rules.

  • 13

    You're Mine Eps 13


    Somehow Simal has to save the family and the company before Ejder who has Bereket's trust and support. She has to, even if it means for her to do shady things.

  • 14

    You're Mine Eps 14


    Ejder is having hard days. The shop that he inherited from his father, that he had his hopes and family's future set upon has burned down. Things get tense between him and Nagme. Nagme wants to work and Ejder realizes how she gets jealous of her. He faces with the protective and oppressive guy in him.

  • 15

    You're Mine Eps 15


    Elvan does not sit still. She plays games and brings two lovers almost to a junction. Now she's afraid that it's gonna come out that she was one who burned down the shop. Cause Tahir had seen everything. What if he says something to someone? What if everybody learns the truth?

  • 16

    You're Mine Eps 16


    Simal tries crazy things to save the company and she has to deal with that, too. At last her fears come true. Tahir tells about everything to the least person he can. Will this tie Simal's hands and diminishes her power in the farm?

  • 17

    You're Mine Eps 17


    Nağme thinks Elvan cut the saddle. But ejder thinks Burak did it and doesn't want Nağme to see Burak. Nağme and Ejder get estranged from each other.

  • 18

    You're Mine Eps 18


    Elvan has what she wants. When Nağme goes to the hospital she learns that she's pregnant. The news hits the farm like a bomb. Şefika and Güzel doesn't like this and make evil plans. When Şimal tries to get out of her debts she puts Ejder in a tough situation.

  • 19

    You're Mine Eps 19


    Elvan is in hospital and her situation is critic. Ejder never leaves the side of the woman who sacrifices herself for him. This gives Elvan hope. Has Ejder's feelings for her changed? Has he understood how much he loves her? What about Nağme?

  • 20

    You're Mine Eps 20


    Ejder takes care of Elvan and Şefika's teas starts to show the effects. Nağme falls ill. But Ejder is not with her.

  • 21

    You're Mine Eps 21


    Ejder's decisions and actions make both Nağme and Elvan question their love and push them towards different roads.

  • 22

    You're Mine Eps 22


    Şebnem who Ejder just met is no other than Kudret Soylu’s daughter. When Nağme, who is tense with Ejder, learns that Şebnem is Kudret Soylu's daughter she goes mad and doesn't want Ejder to see Şebnem.

  • 23

    You're Mine Eps 23


    Şebnem tries to prove that there's nothing between her and Ejder and comes to the ranch. This makes Şefika and Bereket very happy. In fact Şebnem is the right bride for that ranch. This girl that Nağme doesn't like slowly starts to make way into their lives. But Sebnem has other plans for Ejder.

  • 24

    You're Mine Eps 24


    Ejder is stuck between Nağme and Şebnem. But on the other hand he doesn't want to hurt Nağme. But Şebnem's job offer is just the right thing to help him get out of the business crisis that he has.

  • 25

    You're Mine Eps 25


    Ejder and Şemben spend time together for work and he starts to neglect Nağme. Nağme is not the only one who's against this partnership.

  • 26

    You're Mine Eps 26


    Kudret too tries to sabotage their business. Elvan starts looking for a job to begin a new life. someone who helps her opens new doors to her. Elvan is about to reenter Ejder's life as a stronger woman.

  • 27

    You're Mine Eps 27


    When Şebnem sell the lands that she inherited from her mother to make business with Ejder, Nağme and Ejder have another crisis.

  • 28

    You're Mine Eps 28


    Nağme is sure now; Şebnem is doing all these sacrifices to be close to Ejder. There is no other explanation. She tries to prove it to Ejder. Ejder doesn't take the money that Şebnem gave to not to have any problems with Nağme. This puts Ejder in a tough situation. Because there's no other way to save the company. He has to accept Şimal's offer. They have to sell the assets.

  • 29

    You're Mine Eps 29


    Elvan finally makes Kudret fall in love with her. She wants to marry Kudret and has power. The only obstacle is Şebnem. Elvan is determined to get rid of Şebnem.

  • 30

    You're Mine Eps 30


    Kudret is very nervous because of her daughter disappearance. He's worried about her and sends her men to search. Elvan does everything she can so that Şebnem can't interfere with her marrying to Kudret. She sends messages from Şebnem's phone to Kudret that she's okay.

  • 31

    You're Mine Eps 31


    Kudret relieves and speeds up the wedding. On the other hand The Yenilmez family is having hard times because of the bankruptcy. The police learns that Şimal is in fictious export. Ejder, Ahlas and Şimal gets arrested because of their signatures on papers.

  • 32

    You're Mine Eps 32


    Bereket decides to sell the assets to save her children. She doesn't know she's making a big mistake when she signs the papers. Because Kudret buys all the assets of The Yenilmez family and gives the ranch to Elvan as a wedding gift. The Yenilmez family are now the tenants of Elvan.

  • 33

    You're Mine Eps 33


    The Yenilmez family is shocked to learn that the owner of the ranch is Elvan. That poor, loser Elvan who once was lying at their door for o job is gone, now she is the missus of the ranch.

  • 34

    You're Mine Eps 34


    Elvan tells them that they can stay at the ranch until things are better as if she's making a favor. But The Yenilmezs refuse the offer because of their pride. They'll move out to somewhere else as soon as they can. Although Ejder and Nağme try to keep the family together they learn that Lale is Elvan and Ejder's daughter.

  • 35

    You're Mine Eps 35


    Ejder doesn't know what to do. They decide to talk to Elvan about Lale. At last Elvan is marrying Kudret. But there is a guest that will ruin everything in the end.