Three sisters discover their destiny - to battle against the forces of evil, using their witchcraft. They are the Charmed Ones.


  • 1

    Valhalley of the Dolls (1)


    Paige suspects that Leo has erased Piper's memories of their relationship, but her attempted memory recovery spell accidentally causes Piper to lose all her other memories too.

  • 2

    Valhalley of the Dolls (2)


    Phoebe and Paige enlist Chris' help to go undercover as Valkyries, while the sight of Leo brings Piper's memories flooding back. While everyone else escapes, Piper decides to stay behind with Leo.

  • 3

    Forget Me... Not (aka Dragon's Heat)


    After young Wyatt mistakenly conjures a dragon, a neutral group known as The Cleaners comes to remove the child and erase any traces of his existence.

  • 4

    The Power of Three Blondes (aka Dirty Blondes)


    Three evil sisters steal the powers and identities of the Charmed Ones, and the real Piper, Phoebe, and Paige must convince Chris of what happened.

  • 5

    Love's A Witch


    While at a new job, Paige falls for an attractive male witch named Richard Montana, whose family is engaged in a longstanding feud with another magical clan named Callaway.

  • 6

    My Three Witches (aka Fantasies in the Flesh)


    Feeling that the Charmed Ones are putting their personal lives before their responsibilities, Chris uses a demon named Gith to teach them a lesson.

  • 7

    Soul Survivor (aka Soul Sister)


    In an attempt to save her boss's immortal soul , Paige goes behind her sisters' back and makes a deal with the demon intent on claiming it.

  • 8

    Sword and the City (aka Charmed in Camelot)


    The mythical Lady of the Lake appears to the Charmed Ones, asking for their help to protect the legendary Arthurian sword Excalibur.

  • 9

    Little Monsters (aka Hot Mamas)


    After vanquishing a Manticore, the sisters become temporary guardians to its half-monster offspring. Chris urges them to get rid of the child before it can lead to danger for everyone.

  • 10



    A Phoenix named Bianca arrives from the future, with plans to forcefully escort Chris back to the future that he came from.

  • 11



    Paige tries on a pair of her grandmother's old go-go boots, and finds herself transported back to the 1960's.

  • 12

    Prince Charmed


    After saving Wyatt from a demon, Piper decides to swear off relationships and devote the remainder of her life to raising and protecting her son.

  • 13

    Used Karma


    Phoebe's boyfriend Jason sees the sisters using their powers, freaks out, and dumps Phoebe. Richard Montana casts a spell to try and rid himself of his family's negative karma.

  • 14

    The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell


    Gideon, Leo's old mentor at Magic School, asks the Charmed Ones for help finding out who at the school cast the spell that conjured up the deadly Headless Horseman.

  • 15

    I Dream of Phoebe


    Phoebe frees a seemingly kind genie named Jinny from her bottle, only to find out that she now has to take her place in captivity.

  • 16

    The Courtship of Wyatt's Father


    Gideon makes a secret deal with the Darklighters to get rid of Leo, but the plan backfires when Leo and Piper are both inadvertently trapped in the realm of the dead.

  • 17

    Hyde School Reunion


    While getting ready for her high school reunion, Phoebe is possessed by her wild teenage personality and hooks back up with the bad crowd that she traveled with in her youth.

  • 18

    Spin City


    Piper is held prisoner by the Spider Demon, a creature that emerges once a century in order feed off of a powerful magical being.

  • 19

    Crimes and Witch-Demeanors (aka Charmed on Trial)


    An SFPD officer catches Phoebe and Paige using their powers, and The Cleaners move to cover up the situation by framing the sisters' cop friend Darryl as a murderer.

  • 20

    A Wrong Day's Journey into Right (aka Stormy Leather)


    With Piper away at magic school, and Phoebe stripped of her powers, a stressed out Paige brings back Mr Right for some quality "stress relief".

  • 21

    Witch Wars (aka Reality Check)


    Gideon is worried that the sisters are close to discovering his plot to corrupt Wyatt, and makes the Charmed Ones unknowing contestants on a demonic reality show called "Witch Wars".

  • 22

    It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (1)


    Under the pretence of sending Chris back to his own time, Gideon traps Chris and Leo in a mirror universe where evil always wins in the end and good is useless.

  • 23

    It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World (2)


    Unable to vanquish their own counterparts, Phoebe and Paige return to their own world, only to discover that it has become too saintly and every infraction is now a capital crime.