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The Behaviorial Analysis Unit is composed of an elite team of FBI profilers who analyze the country's most twisted criminal minds and anticipate their next moves before they strike again.


  • 1

    Under the Skin


    The BAU team investigates an UnSub with striking similarities to Rossi's latest obsession, "The Chameleon," a.k.a. Everett Lynch, who nearly killed him and then disappeared.

  • 2



    With a member of the BAU in the hospital, the team searches for Everett Lynch (Michael Mosley), and his daughter, Grace. Also, Spencer has a meaningful visit with his mother, Diana Reid (Jane Lynch), while she's experiencing a period of lucidity.

  • 3

    Spectator Slowing


    The BAU team investigates a series of seemingly random fatal explosions throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.

  • 4



    The members of the BAU enjoy a Saturday off in vastly different ways. While Rossi and Prentiss help Simmons assemble a new crib, Garcia leads a hacking competition, and Dr. Reid strikes up a conversation with a woman named Maxine.

  • 5



    Käitumisanalüüsi üksus sõidab Des Plainesi linna Illinoisis, et uurida surmaga lõppenud tulistamisi, mis matkivad ühe teise sarimõrvari kuritegusid. Uurimine takerdub, kui märklauaks saavad üksuse liikmed.

  • 6

    Date Night


    After a father and daughter get kidnapped, a former foe of the BAU returns with very specific demands for Dr. Reid that give a whole new meaning to the phrase "wheels up".

  • 7



    When the BAU team travels to Denver to investigate several murders, Prentiss is forced to evaluate her relationship with Special Agent Andrew Mendoza.

  • 8

    Family Tree


    Prentiss and J.J. are faced with important decisions to make about their futures as the BAU travels to Beaumont, Texas to investigate a series of murdered businessmen.

  • 9

    Face Off


    It has been a year since Rossi nearly died at the hands of Everett Lynch, a.k.a. "The Chameleon," and he has developed some new theories, with inspiration from his former partner, Jason Gideon. The BAU team sets out on an epic hunt to capture Lynch.

  • 10

    And in the End…


    Following an explosive face-to-face encounter with Everett Lynch, a.k.a. "The Chameleon," Dr. Reid suffers from a brain injury and, while experiencing hallucinations, is visited by ghosts from his past. Also, the BAU makes a shocking discovery about Lynch that affects Rossi personally, and the entire BAU team comes together to celebrate Rossi's retirement.