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    Route 66 (E05 - S09)


The Behaviorial Analysis Unit is composed of an elite team of FBI profilers who analyze the country's most twisted criminal minds and anticipate their next moves before they strike again.


  • 1

    The Crimson King


    Joins the BAU team, which is tasked with capturing a killer who escaped prison with 13 other convicts at the end of last season.

  • 2

    Sick Day


    When JJ arrives home shaken after a rough case, she breaks down and tells her husband about the abduction of two children.

  • 3



    The BAU welcomes back Emily Prentiss as they are called upon to investigate the disappearance of three women.

  • 4



    The BAU team searches for a serial killer along the Appalachian Trail in rural Virginia.

  • 5

    The Anti-Terror Squad


    The BAU investigates if bullying may be the link between two high school students who are the sole survivors after both of their families are killed.

  • 6

    Elliott's Pond


    When three children disappear while riding their bikes on the same path as a similar unsolved disappearance 30 years ago, the BAU team comes in to investigate.

  • 7

    Mirror Image


    Brother arrives in town, knowing everything about her and her family, and she is unable to make contact with her real sibling.

  • 8



    The BAU team heads to Yakima, Wash., after the remains of a dozen people are found along a creek bed.

  • 9

    Profiling 202


    As Rossi conducts a profiling course on his birthday, he receives a call from his serial killer nemesis, Tommy Yates, telling him the location of his latest victim.

  • 10

    Seek and Destroy


    The BAU team investigates a series of home invasions in upscale neighborhoods in San Diego involving casualties.

  • 11

    Surface Tension


    When a bizarre hieroglyph found under a deceased homeless man's armpit is the same from previous casualties a few years ago, the BAU is called in to investigate. Also, Reid decides to take his mother out of a clinical study early to bring her home with him.

  • 12

    Good Husband


    The BAU team is called in to investigate when male victims are found with no way to identify them.

  • 13



    When a BAU member gets in trouble in Mexico, the team enlists the services of the International Response Team for their help.

  • 14

    Collision Course


    The BAU investigates the cause of several fatal car crashes involving drivers and pedestrians. Also, Reid gets bad news.

  • 15

    Alpha Male


    The BAU investigates when several young men and women are victims of disfiguring acid attacks. Also, Dr. Reid begins to settle into his new surroundings.

  • 16

    Assistance Is Futile


    A mother steps forward with valuable information for the BAU to aid in their investigation of an unsub known as the bone crusher. Also, Reid must adapt to a new set of rules in prison life.

  • 17

    In the Dark


    The BAU believes two unsubs may be operating at the same time, when victims killed in two drastically different ways are discovered in the same city. Also, the team grapples with keeping Reid safe in prison.

  • 18

    Hell's Kitchen


    The BAU investigates an urban vampire in New York who kidnaps his victims at night and holds them underground in the sewer system. Also, Reid makes an impossible decision in prison that severely affects himself and other inmates.

  • 19

    True North


    The BAU is called after three victims are found tied to stakes in the Arizona desert.

  • 20



    When several federal government employees, including a close friend of Walker's, succumb to symptoms of a heart attack, the BAU investigates. Also, Reid anxiously awaits his trial date.

  • 21

    Green light


    When Reid fears his mother has been abducted, he asks the BAU to investigate while he's stuck in prison.

  • 22

    Red light


    Comes to the team with a lead that might help catch Mr. Scratch, the elusive fugitive that has been tormenting the team all season.