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The cases of the Miami-Dade, Florida police department's Crime Scene Investigations unit.


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    After Horatio heroically saves Natalia, our CSIs must race against time to find wanted fugitives Jack Toller and Randy North. As the team stages an elaborate trap to lure North from hiding, Toller sells his two remaining engraving plates in exchange for some cash and a young woman he plans on making his next victim. CSIs then capture North and use him to lure out Toller so they can save the girl he plans to kill. But when the setup goes south, and Toller vanishes, the team is forced to reexamine Toller's original case files for any last minute clues to his whereabouts.

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    The CSI investigates a murder that will lead the team into the world of gigolos.

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    Blown Away


    A tornado touches down on a murder scene, damaging the evidence and putting Ryan and Walter in grave danger.

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    Look Who’s Taunting


    The team chases a sadistic killer who takes women's eyes, and a new nemesis (Carlos Bernard) challenges Horatio.

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    Killer Regrets


    A Mexican sheriff (Kate Del Castillo) whose life is threatened by drug cartels seek Horatio's help. Some Mala Noche are linked with the case and Horatio is forced to seek an old nemesis for inside information.

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    By The Book


    In a deserted mansion, the CSIs find a body hanging that appears to have been killed by a vampire. In a deserted mansion, the CSIs find a body hanging that appears to have been killed by a vampire.

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    Sinner Takes All


    A high-stakes poker game ends quickly when a masked assassin kills one of the players.

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    Dead Ringer


    When another corpse is found with missing eyes, Horatio suspects "The Taunter" is back.

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    A Few Dead Men


    The CSIs investigate when three convicted murderers are released from prison and someone starts killing them one by one.

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    Long Gone


    Horatio is determined to find a family that completely disappeared.

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    The CSIs expose the seedy underbelly of children's beauty pageants when a contestant's mother is murdered. But as one of the girls goes missing, the team makes a shocking discovery.

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    Friendly Fire


    An eccentric genius is assassinated with the most unique weapon the CSIs have ever seen.

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    Terminal Velocity


    When a skydiver is murdered, the CSIs discover that he has 103 children and all of them are suspects.

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    Last Straw


    The CSIs investigate the murder of a woman who rode her horse at a local stable and was a former sorority queen in college. At first they suspect a sorority sister, but when she too is murdered, the team realizes the killer is sending a message. After the CSIs discover that the two murdered women kicked the stable owner's daughter out of the same sorority years ago, they suspect the woman finally got her revenge on her harassers. However, when the killer's DNA is found on the first victim's horse, it's revealed to be the woman's father, who couldn't stand the way the sorority girls broke his daughter's confidence years ago and then resumed their...

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    No Good Deed


    The CSIs investigate the death of Henry Duncan when his body washes ashore after being gored by a speeding boat. The boat, stolen from its owner, is found with traces of car oil. Duncan, an accountant, was a do-gooder and was about to expose improper business practices going on within his company and a home builder. On his way to work Duncan noticed a young boy in distress, follows him, and sees him get into a car with a tatted guy. However, Duncan gets cut off by a truck driver going the opposite direction. It turns out the kid was being used as a drug mule. Henry calls 9-1-1 to report what looks like the abduction of the kid and then calls the...

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    Rest In Pieces


    The CSIs uncover a female victim on the Navarro estate that matches Esteban's MO. Vina Navarro, Esteban's grandmother, comes forward to help solve the case. However, things take a twist when the team also discovers the three-decade-old remains of a male victim, with evidence linking Diego to the murder. Before he can be arrested, Vina shoots Diego in what appears to be self-defense. Later, the team decodes a microchip disguised as a lollipop in Diego's pocket, which leads them to Esteban's murder lair and the evidence needed to put him away for good.

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    At Risk


    When a rabid dog kills a janitor at a renowned tennis academy, it's clear someone engineered the attack to target Coach Larry Hopper, Miami's most popular tennis coach. The team discovers Hopper was involved in a child sexual abuse case ten years prior, but settled out of court. Could the victim now be back for revenge? Calleigh learns that Austin North is a student at the academy and grows suspicious when pro player and academy alumnus, Jack Brody, takes a special interest in him. Forensics prove that Brody orchestrated the attack, and he eventually confesses to sending in the wild dog in an attempt to prevent Hopper from molesting Austin next....

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    Law & Disorder


    When a freelance journalist is poisoned, the CSIs must figure out if her murder was provoked by a story she was doing on Miami Councilman Randall Stafford. After Stafford's DNA is found at her apartment, his attorneys, Darren Vogel and Gabrielle Wade, are able to dismiss the evidence on grounds of tampering. The team begins suspecting the journalist was actually doing a story on Vogel, not Stafford, after discovering that Stafford helped cover up a murder committed by another of Vogel's clients. It turns out that Vogel is blackmailing his clients to facilitate his firm, and he likely had Denise killed after discovering she was on to him through...

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    Habeas Corpse


    CSI Wolfe is a suspect when one of the team's enemies, ASA Josh Avery, is murdered. When the investigation becomes deadly, Samantha Owens ends up having to be rescued. The episode ends with Ryan's discovering that Sam is the one responsible for killing Josh. Also, Calleigh ends up adopting Austin and Patty North.