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    Internal Affairs (E12 - S05)

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    Internal Affairs (E12 - S05)


With Caine and Delko in Brazil, it's up to Duquesne to maintain the department following Natalia's transfer to the MDPD. All of this is just in time for them to investigate not only external crimes committed against the general public but also internal issues. As Wolfe accidentally becomes involved in counterfeiting, Duquesne's life is endangered due to her involvement in an investigation surrounding gang warfare. Boa Vista is confronted her abusive ex-husband again, while Caine and Delko seek to revenge those responsible for the death of Marisol. Tripp comes face to face with death after stepping on a landmine. Ultimately, however, it's Delko, once again, who faces the biggest challenge, as he fights for his life following a gunshot wound to the head.


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    The evidence on who shot Horatio leads the team to some of most Miami's dangerous including one of their own.