Everybody Loves Raymond

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Everybody Loves Raymond


It never stops for successful sports writer Ray Barone, whose oddball family life consists of a fed up wife, overbearing parents, and an older brother with lifelong jealousy.


  • 1

    The Home


    Frank and Marie announce their plans to move into a retirement home in New Jersey - much to the relief of their family. While Robert is overjoyed to be getting his hands on his parents' house at last, Debra is surprised to find she has misgivings about losing touch with her in-laws

  • 2

    Not So Fast


    Debra and Ray visit Frank and Marie, only to learn they are facing eviction from their new home - so Robert is forced to let them move back in with him. American comedy, starring Ray Romano

  • 3

    Angry Sex


    Ray realises that the angrier Debra gets, the better their sex life becomes - so he decides to stir up conflict between her and Marie. American comedy, starring Patricia Heaton, Doris Roberts and Ray Romano

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    Members of the parent-teacher association complain about Debra's outfits, leaving Ray facing the delicate task of persuading her to dress more conservatively in future. Comedy, starring Ray Romano

  • 5

    Ally's F


    Ally comes home with a low grade on her report card. Ray is inclined to blame the teacher, but it turns out there is another reason why she is feeling distracted in class. Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton star, with Madylin Sweeten

  • 6

    Boys' Therapy


    Ray and Frank are pressured by their wives to join Robert in one of his therapy sessions - but the three of them decide to go to the racetrack instead

  • 7

    Debra's Parents


    Debra invites her divorced parents to Thanksgiving dinner, and Raymond sees something shocking that convinces him they are getting back together. The truth, however, proves far stranger. Robert Culp and Katherine Helmond guest star

  • 8

    A Job for Robert


    Ray is annoyed to discover Marie is plying his brother with gifts of scented candles and massage oils. However, his mood changes when he deduces her real motive - to put Robert in a romantic mood, in the hope he will provide her with grandchildren

  • 9

    A Date for Peter


    Amy's brother Peter turns to Ray for advice on talking to women, while Debra decides to help out by throwing a party and inviting all her single friends

  • 10



    Debra nags Raymond to tidy up after himself, but he is more concerned with a letter he has received from his sporting hero - which accidentally ends up in the bin

  • 11

    The Faux Pas


    An offhand comment to the twins' new friend has dire consequences for Ray, who cannot understand why everyone is so upset - but he compounds his error by accidentally repeating the remark to the boy's father. Ray Romano stars

  • 12

    Tasteless Frank


    Frank puts salt on Marie's home-made lasagne, causing her to think she is turning into a terrible cook, but Ray and Robert discover their father has lost his sense of taste - apparently because of a potency medication he is taking. Comedy, starring Peter Boyle, Doris Roberts, Ray Romano and Brad Garrett

  • 13



    Amy chats non-stop through a basketball game, and Ray responds by suggesting to Robert that she talks too much - a criticism she does not take well. Comedy, starring Monica Horan and Ray Romano

  • 14

    The Power of No


    Debra cannot understand why Ray keeps turning down her advances - not realising that playing hard to get is all part of his latest devious plan to get what he wants. Comedy, starring Ray Romano

  • 15

    Pat's Secret


    Pat asks Robert to keep her cigarette habit a secret - but he later has to come up with an excuse when Amy smells smoke on him, leading to a string of revelations for the family

  • 16



    In the final episode of the US comedy, Ray has a brush with death while undergoing minor surgery, but pulls through - leaving his family uncertain over whether to tell him what happened