False Flag



Season 1


This season centers on three families whose lives are shattered when their loved ones are included among those missing in a mysterious blast. While desperately holding on to their “normal” lives even as they fall apart around them, each family, in its own way, is exposed to truths and lies that shake the family unit to its core and force the characters to rediscover themselves and redefine their priorities.


  • 1

    Episode 1


    The marine oil pipe connecting Israel and Turkey explodes during its inauguration ceremony. The immediate suspect is the Hezbollah organization, which has threatened Israel under the claim that the pipe runs through territorial waters belonging to Lebanon. Eitan – the investigator from Season 1, is called upon to supervise this extremely sensitive case.

  • 2

    Episode 2


    Shin Bet investigators are sent to the suspects' homes and, when those they are seeking are not found there, they investigate the surprised families. We soon discover that even the best of families have lies and secrets to hide.

  • 3

    Episode 3


    The lives of three families are turned upside down overnight. Dikla is released under house arrest, and is sent to the home of her parents in Ramat Eliyahu. Mika is fired from her job at the Ministry of Health and her belongings are confiscated. Sagi tries to cope on his own with the preparations for his daughter Shira's Bat Mitzvah, and with the nagging suspicion that his wife is having an affair again. Simultaneously, the Shin Bet Ops Room tries unsuccessfully to locate Anat and Amir.

  • 4

    Episode 4


    While trying to help Dikla, Miriam gets in trouble and is abducted. Meanwhile, in Ramat Eliyahu, the mutual concern for Miriam thaws the chill between Dikla and her father as they break an eight year silence. Amir, who's escaped from the army, crosses the Green Line back into Israel, disguised as a construction worker.

  • 5

    Episode 5


    Anat and Amir discover there's another suspect – Dikla Levi. They try to find out who she is and what she had to do with the explosion.

  • 6

    Episode 6


    Anat goes to the hospital in disguise to visit her wounded son. Sagi confronts her and calls Eitan. Meanwhile, Amir breaks into Miriam and Yosef's house in Ramat Eliyahu and tries to question Dikla.

  • 7

    Episode 7


    The Minister of Energy comes to the Ops Room and claims that the contract Eitan received is phony, and demands that Amir and Anat be caught. When she leaves, Eitan tells Gafni about his theory regarding the involvement of the suspects.

  • 8

    Episode 8


    Sean tells his girlfriend Lenny that today they will finally get the money he is owed and they can fly to Australia. Jo presses Dikla to go to Cyprus right away.

  • 9

    Episode 9


    Eitan questions Jo and brings her into the Ops Room. He demands the release of Anat and Amir and confronts Gafni. Eli questions Jo to find out who she and Sean are working for, but before he gets an answer he receives a strange order from Gafni to release Jo and then Anat and Amir.

  • 10

    Episode 10


    Anat, Amir, and Eitan join forces in an attempt to catch Sean, and Anat is sent to a clinic to talk to Lenny, Sean's girlfriend, as Amir waits outside.