House of Payne

House of Payne


A multi-generational family lives together under one roof.


  • 1

    Help, Help, Help


    When a flood closes the doors of the help center, Ella must bring her work home to Curtis' dismay. The mother of Calvin's child gets into a serious accident.

  • 2

    Stinging Payne


    Curtis tries to help C.J. trap his new boss. Calvin and Miranda's financial situation takes a turn for the worst.

  • 3

    Worth Fighting For


    Malik must face a bully the win the heart of an upperclassman. Calvin takes steps to solve his money woes.

  • 4

    Who's Your Nanny


    Calvin's child returns with some life-changing news. Janine's new job schedule forces the family to hire a nanny, but they get more than they bargained for.

  • 5

    The Chef


    Malik lies to his girlfriend about being a gourmet chef then must get Curtis' help to make a meal. Now that Calvin is working two jobs, he and Miranda have no time for each other.

  • 6

    My Fair Curtis


    Curtis and Ella are forced to help Floyd win back Claretha. C.J.'s boss puts more pressure on him to have sex.

  • 7

    Rest For The Weary


    Working two jobs, puts Calvin in a dangerous situation. Janine gets a promotion and things at home start to unravel.

  • 8

    Thug Life


    Big Jesse returns, but Curtis is jealous when he starts hanging out with Ella. Malik gets involved with the wrong crowd and pays a heavy price.

  • 9



    Malik’s partner in crime comes to pay a visit despite C.J.’s rejections. Curtis starts a barbershop in his backyard.

  • 10

    A Payne in Need is a Pain Indeed


    Calvin and Miranda ask Tracie to curb her unannounced visits to the house, but she doesn’t get the message. Curtis is forced to take over as the C.J. and Janine’s babysitter.

  • 11

    House Guest


    Calvin and Miranda ask Tracie to curb her unannounced visits to the house, but she doesn’t get the message. Curtis is forced to take over as the C.J. and Janine’s babysitter.

  • 12

    Payne Showers


    The women throw Miranda a baby shower but an unexpected guest shows up. Curtis gets the guys together for a man shower for Calvin.

  • 13

    Playing With Fire


    Janine’s friend, Monica, has moved in and transformed herself and the house. Tracie tries to make moves on Calvin.

  • 14

    When The Paynes Away


    Janine is taking an overnight trip with her boss. Monica keeps house warm and cozy with C.J. Calvin helps Miranda prepare for her labor pains.

  • 15



    The family reminisces about the history of the Payne house as Curtis and Ella think about moving.

  • 16

    Payne-ful Resolution


    Miranda goes into labor just as Calvin prepares for his graduation while C.J. and Janine’s marriage reaches a breaking point. Curtis and Ella get an offer they can’t refuse for the Payne house.

  • 17

    Payne-ful Resolution Resolution


    C.J. and Janine deal with their marriage issues. Calvin and Miranda deal with Calvin being in jail. Miranda has the baby.

  • 18

    Growing Paynes


    Jasmine begins hanging out with a fast crowd. Curtis and Ella compete to lose weight.

  • 19

    Payne Protection


    As Malik gets ready for college, all the guys offer advice… and condoms.

  • 20

    Payneful Visit


    Claretha reveals she has leukemia. Miranda’s cousin in law, Vanessa, hooks up with Calvin’s friendBrandon.

  • 21

    Where There's a Will, There's a Way


    After the death of a friend, Curtis and Ella make a will. Miranda’s mother comes to visit

  • 22

    Epic Fail


    Ella overextends herself helping the family and fails a test she needed to graduate. Calvin forgets he and Miranda’s anniversary.

  • 23

    Praying For Attention


    Jasmine prays to pass a test. She does, then stops applying herself. Calvin grows jealous of Miranda’s attention to the baby.

  • 24

    Shout Out


    C.J. and Janine go to marriage counselling. Ella misses her college graduation.

  • 25

    Love Thy Neighbor


    A sex offender moves into the neighborhood.

  • 26

    Dream Girls


    A famous music producer discovers Jazmine. Curtis makes himself her manager. Calvin, frustrated with the job market, takes a job as a grocery store manager.