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With the government dropping the charges aginst Charlie, he finally gets his security clearance back after he and Don fight FBI Security Offive Carl Mgowan.


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    David interrogates Billy Rivers, one of Crystal Hoyt's ex-boyfriends, but finds that he is not cooperative.

  • 2

    Two Daughters


    The FBI faces a stand-off with Crystal who refuses to let Megan go unless the FBI releases her boyfriend in exchange.

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    A very valuable painting on loan from a private collector is stolen from a small museum desipte stringent security measures. At first it seems to be a simple theft or insurance scam.

  • 4

    The Mole


    As Charlie's mathematical analysis reveals that the victim's death was no mere accident, Don grapples with the possibility of a leak in the Department of Justice.

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    When a father driving with his two children is gunned down on the freeway, Megan is puzzled when she can't find a specific pattern to the suspect's behavior and goes to Charlie for some insight.

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    When Don and his team investigate a murder at a horse track, they stumble onto more than just a plot of betting on fixed races. As Charlie digs deeper into the victim's life and discovers an elaborate gambling scheme, he realizes he has only uncovered part of the crime.

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    When a series of blackouts occur in power stations leaving large areas of Los Angeles in the dark, Don and his team must determine if the blackouts are accidental or the work of terrorists.

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    After some probing into the case, Charlie is astonished when he discovers Oswald Kitner, a fantasy league player who has developed an extraordinary statistical analysis that identifies which players use steroids.

  • 9

    Waste Not


    Don and his team investigate a trail of illegal waste disposal after a sinkhole, which collapses in a school playground, kills an elderly woman and injures several children.

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    Senator Martin Tallman and a local psychiatrist have one thing in common -- they both are found murdered during Don's shift. Though both of the murders took place in very different circumstances, they might have more in common than everyone initially thinks.

  • 11

    Killer Chat


    Don hunts for a serial killer after a man is found tied up and beaten to death in an unoccupied house that is for sale, the third such murder to occur in six weeks.

  • 12

    Nine Wives


    When a teenage girl is found almost beaten to death, Don and his team discover that she escaped from a polygamous cult headed by a fundamentalist leader.

  • 13

    Finders Keepers


    After an extremely expensive yacht sinks in the middle of a race, Charlie is put between a rock and a hard place when Don and the NSA need his help on the case.

  • 14

    Take Out


    The team investigates a rash of deadly restaurant robberies and discovers that the thieves steal customer credit cards to run up charges at a fake internet store.

  • 15

    End Of Watch


    The authorities looking into a case are led to believe that a former gang member was behind the revenge killing of a police officer.

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    While training for a championship match, a martial arts fighter dies in the ring. The case becomes more complex when the victim's sparring partner emerges as the prime suspect.

  • 17

    One Hour


    Don has another visit with his therapist while the team must race against the clock to find a young boy who has been kidnapped.

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    Several suspicious deaths of people in similar careers are found to be connected to an electronic voting fraud conspiracy.

  • 19

    Pandora's Box


    A small plane crashes mysteriously in a forest, killing all on board. Amita and Dr Finch help Charlie repair the plane's black boxes.

  • 20

    Burn Rate


    While on the hunt for a serial letter bomber, Don and Charlie disagree over whether a suspected bomber is the person responsible for the latest murder.

  • 21

    The Art of Reckoning


    Don believes that a death-row inmate has an ulterior motive when he suddenly wants to confess the whereabouts of bodies he buried during his days as a hit man for the Mob.

  • 22

    Under Pressure


    Don and the FBI uncover a possible terrorist attack on Los Angeles that targets the city's water supply. But much to Don's dismay, Charlie gets their father, Alan, involved.

  • 23

    Money For Nothing


    The FBI are called in when thieves hijack a truck intended for a relief effort in Zambia containing millions of dollars and two aid workers.

  • 24

    The Janus List


    Following a deadly stand-off with a mysterious bomber, Don and Charlie learn that he was poisoned in order to keep him from revealing a secret that changes the FBI team forever.