Solar Opposites

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Solar Opposites

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    Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer (E08 - S01)


A family of aliens move to middle America, where they debate whether life is better there or on their home planet.


Season 1
  • 1

    The Matter Transfer Array


    Uh oh! Korvo and Terry make a Funbucket real while the replicants deal with a school bully.

  • 2

    The Unstable Grey Hole


    Yikes! Korvo and Terry use alien technology to make their neighbors like them. Jesse tries to show Yumyulack that humans are basically good.

  • 3

    The Quantum Ring


    TaDAH! Korvo becomes a magician!

  • 4

    The Booster Manifold


    Egad! Korvo and Terry try to manage their stress. The replicants learn about their growing bodies.

  • 5

    Patricia Automated Television-Retrofitted Intelligent Companion.


    G'day! This episode is all about Yumyulack and koalas!

  • 6

    The Lavatic Reactor


    YAKKITY YACK! TERRY AND KORVO ARE GOING TO SCHOOL! Jesse and Yumyulack *also* go to school.

  • 7

    Korvo and Terry Steal a Bear


    Whoops! Terry, Korvo, Yumyulack and Jesse work together to steal a bear from the zoo… with hilarious consequences.

  • 8



    Finally! It's season finale time, baby!

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