Transporter: The Series

Transporter: The Series


Frank Martin carries anything, anywhere, no questions asked. EX‐Special Forces, he’s acquired the driving, fighting and survival skills to make the delivery on schedule, and he never quits until the package is where it’s supposed to be.


Season 2
  • 1

    2B Or Not 2B


    Frank is required to deliver a 12-year-old boy to Rome, where he is testifying against his father's killer.

  • 2

    We Go Back


    Frank is enlisted by an old army buddy to go to Libya to rescue their mutual friend, but Frank soon realises not all is as it seems.

  • 3



    Frank has to protect a famous singer from an assassin hired by an African dictator to kill her.

  • 4



    Frank is enlisted to retrieve an important document in Crimea, but to complete the job he must join forces with the world's second best transporter and a young computer maven.

  • 5



    The FBI hires Frank Martin to retrieve a chemical weapon, codenamed 'Chimera', from a Louis Tien, a Chinese Triad crime lord who operates from a restaurant in Chicago's Chinatown.

  • 6

    Sex Lies and Videotape


    Frank collects a package from an Albanian pimp, only to get entangled in sex trafficking and a young woman's disappearance.

  • 7



    Crooked officers target Inspector Tarconi when he tries to crush an infamous smuggler of fake medicines.

  • 8



    Frank is assigned to deliver a briefcase to a mine in the Sahara, but he must spring to the rescue when an explosion traps a group of miners.

  • 9



    Frank is framed for the blackmail and kidnapping of a former client who hired him to help her escape her powerful, abusive boyfriend.

  • 10

    Sixteen Hands


    Frank is hired to transport a thoroughbred racehorse, Daksha, worth ten million dollars, from her stables in Kentucky to the racetrack of the prestigious Belmont Stakes race in New York.

  • 11

    Beacon Of Hope


    Frank and Caterina try to rescue a wounded aid worker, only to run afoul of a warlord and his minions.

  • 12

    End Game


    Frank tries to obtain a cyber bomb in order to save the life of the woman he loves, yet Caterina is certain he's being set up. Also: Frank squares off against the formidable Bernard Dassin.